Antarctica New Zealand

Antarctica New Zealand is the Crown Entity responsible for developing, managing and executing New Zealand Government activities in Antarctica and the Southern Ocean. They maintain New Zealand’s operational presence in the Ross Dependency including Scott Base. They also support scientific research, conserve the intrinsic values of Antarctica and the Southern Ocean and raise public awareness of the international importance of this vast continent. JL Decorating has been to Scott Base no less than four times to handle their painting, decorating and coating needs.

C Lund & Son Ltd

C Lund & Son Ltd is one of New Zealand's most substantial and diverse construction companies. From precast panels, concrete construction and building to carpentry, manufacture of joinery and a complete project management service, C Lund & Son has worked on many of the major build, construction and refit projects in Canterbury and throughout the South Island. C Lund & Son have contracted JL Decorating to work on some of these projects.

Equus Industries Ltd

Equus Industries specialises in the manufacture and supply of high build waterproof finishes, textured coatings and waterproofing materials required to protect buildings from sub-basement to roof levels. With more than 25 years experience in waterproofing and specialist coating systems, their knowledge, advice and range of leading brands including Chevaline, Traxx, Protexx, Thermexx and Equus, make them an invaluable supplier to JL Decorating. JL Decorating is proud to be a Certified Applicator of Equus Flooring Systems.

International Antarctic Centre

The Antarctic Attraction at the International Antarctic Centre is Christchurch’s leading visitor attraction and has been a multiple winner and finalist in the New Zealand Tourism Awards.

Located in the heart of a working Antarctic campus at Christchurch International Airport, the International Antarctic Centre is responsible for organising many Antarctic missions. However, for most visitors, the Centre offers a powerful, exciting and interactive experience of Antarctica and educates visitors about the global significance of this frozen continent.

Stan Barker & Associates

JL Decorating recommends the legal services of Stan Barker and Associates. Founded in the 1920s, Stan Barker and Associates have a long history and outstanding reputation for serving their clients needs; from common legal issues to the most complex legal problems. Their principal areas of legal services are Family Law, Relationship Property, Conveyancing, Trusts, Employment Law and Criminal Law.

Master Painters New Zealand

Master Painters New Zealand (MPNZ) is the national body of Registered Master Painters. To become a Registered Master Painter, all new members must first pass a thorough assessment of their skills as a painter and integrity as a contractor and work in accordance with MPNZ guidelines and standards. By hiring a Registered Master Painter, you can be confident that your contractor will stand behind the work they do, give you the right advice on the latest paints, put safety first and carry comprehensive liability insurance for your peace of mind. JL Decorating is a Registered Master Painter.

Creative Trades ITO

Creative Trades ITO is the Industry Training Organisation that oversees training and administers apprenticeships in Signmaking, Brick and Blocklaying, Stone Masonry and Monumental Masonry as well as Painting and Decorating. With qualified field staff travelling the country, Creative ITO provides support and guidance to Employers and Apprentices and on-site training advice.

Antarctica Heritage Trust

The Antarctic Heritage Trust is a non-profit organisation responsible for the care of the four expedition bases associated with the first explorers of the Ross Sea region of Antarctica; namely Captain Robert Falcon Scott, Sir Ernest Shackleton and Carsten Borchgrevink.

The Trust is charged with educating and inspiring future generations to discover and explore Antarctica and works tirelessly to achieve this through education and outreach programmes and restoration projects.

House Plans New Zealand

If you need a new house design, House Plans NZ is the obvious choice. With their wide range of innovative house plans, architectural design and online internet design service, House Plans NZ can design the perfect house for you, no matter where you live in New Zealand. House Plan NZ's online service is so easy; they can design your new home without you even leaving your current home. They also offer a nationwide design service for extensions and alterations.

Security Clearance

All our staff have high security clearance in major NZ companies and government organisations and these are available to view upon request. With this in mind, you can have the utmost confidence when dealing with JL Decorating.

Thought of the Month

John Lyall suggests Resene X200 as a great membrane coating.